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Heavy rain and prolonged hailstorms hit horticultural businesses

By 4. June 2024No Comments
Coreopsis with clear bruises and speckles on the leaves due to exceptionally long-lasting
hail. The crop is no longer suitable for sale.


In mid-May, a storm with the highest warning level in the Lower Rhine region caused heavy rainfall
and long-lasting hailstorms lasting almost an hour, which also caused major damage to horticultural
businesses. Over 30 member companies of the Gartenbau-Versicherung in Geldern, Straelen and
Kevelaer were affected. The storm caused particular damage to outdoor perennials ready for sale,
leaves and flower shoots. However, depending on where the hail raged in particular, there were other
forms of damage.

“Greenhouses or foil houses are not affected this time,” says the Gartenbau-Versicherung sales
representative responsible for the region. “There was also damage to crops in greenhouses on some
farms due to blocked gutters that overflowed. In some farms, the ventilation flaps were closed late
because the rain detectors did not recognise the hail as precipitation. This also resulted in hail
damage to the cultivated plants.”

The amount of damage is currently estimated at around one million euros. The field service of the
Gartenbau-Versicherung was on site immediately after the damage was reported in order to assist the
affected businesses and begin the claims settlement process.


Severely damaged leaves on Alcea rosea due to hailstones with a larger diameter and
therefore with more penetration.