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Floods in southern Germany also affect horticultural businesses

By 6. June 2024No Comments
Underwashed side wall of a greenhouse in southern Germany.


The heavy rainfall over the past few days has hit southern Germany particularly hard and led to considerable flooding. Where the water
levels are gradually receding, a trail of devastation remains. Numerous horticultural businesses in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have been severely affected in some cases.

The consultants of the Gartenbau-Versicherung are currently on site to assess the situation. They are
being supported by colleagues from neighbouring regions and the claims department in Wiesbaden.
However, due to the ongoing risk situation, it has not yet been possible to visit all affected businesses,
which makes it difficult to accurately assess the overall situation at present. In addition, the possible
consequential damage is not yet foreseeable, so that the final amount of damage cannot be quantified
at the moment.

“We currently estimate the total amount of damage to be in the high six-figure range, possibly even
higher,” predicts Christian Senft, Chairman of the Board of Gartenbau Versicherung, with all due
caution. “Our top priority at the moment is to maintain close contact with the affected businesses in
order to provide them with the best possible support,” says Senft. “We have therefore already made
initial advance payments where possible and necessary in order to secure the farms’ liquidity.”

Check insurance cover

Gartenbau-Versicherung strongly advises its members to review their insurance cover promptly with
their risk advisor. Due to the rise in prices, this also applies in particular to the amount of the sums
insured. Damage caused by flooding and heavy rainfall can be covered by storm insurance, which
also includes protection against other natural hazards, as well as multi-risk insurance for outdoor


Parts of the side wall of an affected greenhouse were washed onto the
neighbouring property.


The driveway and car park of this greenhouse are completely
destroyed. Photo(s): Copyright Gartenbau-Versicherung