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The container tree nursery spans a total area of around 7 hectares. The main areas of production are Lagerstroemia indica (“Indian lilacs”), roses, cherry laurel and fruit trees. The business was founded by Christine and Bernd Steinegger, and their children Sabine and Matthias took it over in 2018.

Year of foundation
7 ha

Q and A

Our members’ concerns are our concerns.

Matthias Steinegger

Owner Steinegger Gartenpark GbR

1. What are your responsibilities and tasks and how long have you been doing this job?

In a way, I have always worked in our business. I really started properly in 2010. In 2018, my sister and I took over the tree nursery from our parents.

2. What emotion(s) do you associate with your work?

I enjoy the variety of activities that my job offers, as well as the benefits of being self-employed. I’m physically active all the time, sometimes walking 20 to 40 km a day.

3. In your opinion, what makes your company special?

Growing up in a family of gardeners, plants have always been a part of my life. Our customers can also sense this special relationship and appreciate the high quality of our products. We are particularly well-known for our Lagerstroemia indica (“Indian lilacs”) with its long-lasting, summer blossoms.

4. Who are your customers and where can your products be found?

Specialist retailers and wholesalers are among our main customers. Private individuals can purchase our plants in our garden center or online store.

5. What challenges are you currently faced with in your daily work?

We have just installed a second pumping unit to double our operational reliability. Bureaucracy and the constant need to comply with new EU directives take up a lot of our time. And looking for new employees also keeps us very busy.

6. Which risks do you consider to be particularly critical for your business operations?

Weather extremes pose a great danger to our plants. It has already hailed four times in our region this year, luckily we haven’t had any damage as a result. Due to climate change, plants are reacting differently to how they used to, so we have to adapt. We are also very concerned about water shortages.

7. Have you ever had a damage event in your company and if so, what kind of damage was it?

Last year we had some minor damage to our technology. Before that, we had two major damage events, both due to hail.

8. How have you experienced the support provided by Gartenbau-Versicherung so far?

For decades, Martin Westermann was our support consultant, I already knew him as a child. That was great. But we are also very happy with his successor, Mr. Schneider. I like the system with the assessors. I myself am also a volunteer assessor for fruit trees and roses. That means I get to know other companies and gain new perspectives.


A picture often says more than a thousand words – thank you for the photos.